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Source Surfer Vaporizer


  • 3 Year warranty
  • LED Mood Lighting
  • Dual-Function Forced Air
  • Quick-Change Heater Cover
  • Supports Herbs & Essential Oils
  • Precise Temperature /Fan Control
  • Ballon Bag/Whip Draw Compatible
  • Advanced Air-intake Filtration System


7th Floor is back, and have taken their classic Silver Surfer Vaporizer to a whole new level. Introducing the Super Surfer – a dual – function rorced air unit that can be used with both ballon bag and whip-draw vapor delivery systems. The super Surfer features a state-of-the-air-intake filtration system, precise temperature/fan control, newly redesigned quick-change heater cover, color changing LED mood lights, as well as familiar SSV styling. Like all 7th Floor vaporizers, it is also compatible with a variety of filtration and cooling accessories. Simply put, the Super Surfer is the ultimate all-in-one desktop vaporizer.


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