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Vaporfection Vivape Vaporizer


  • Version 2 – Newest Model
  • Updated Touchscreen
  • Updated Heating Element
  • New Enclosure
  • Dual Delivery : Bag or Wand
  • All Glass Technology
  • Virtually Silent Operation
  • Automatic Shutoff Setting
  • Glowing LED Glass Chamber


Developed by Vaporfection, the brand new viVape Vaporizer employs the newest and most advanced vaporizing technology. This modern Vaporizer offers the user Dual-Delivery Method: bag or Whip. The High-quality forced-air system is capable of filling up any-size balloon/bag with rich and flavorful vapor within seconds. if no time to fill a bag, the advanced whip delivery system is simple to use and highly efficient. Unlike many other forced-Air vaporizers that produce loud and annoying sounds, the viVape Vaporizer is quiet and discrete.


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